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Supporting 3,000+ Camera Models

ArcadianAI is your open device, plug-and-play solution, supporting all your existing setups, gear, and equipment. And yes, if you prefer to keep your NVRs/DVRs, we support those too! Got an internet connection and security cameras? You're already set, sign up now.

One-month free trial

FAQ: Hardware & Subscriptions

What's the cloud subscription?

Monitoring your cameras requires an active subscription, which not only facilitates cloud video data storage but also enables access to our AI services. As your camera prepares for shipment, you’ll receive a personalized invitation to establish your ArcadianAI subscription. This process includes creating your workspace, integrating your existing cameras, adding team members, and more, all designed to streamline your security setup.

Billing starts as soon as you connect your cameras to the platform.

When does my billing cycle starts?

Billing begins the moment you connect your camera.
Our platform is compatible with over 3,000 camera brands, offering unmatched flexibility to meet your specific security needs. You have the option to bring your own device or choose from our curated selection of top-notch security cameras, all included in your subscription pricing for complete convenience.

Is there any upfront fees for cameras?

No, Our mission is to empower budget-conscious, busy entrepreneurs with the tools they need for success.

Our philosophy centers on giving customers complete control and freedom over their camera usage. With a pricing model unmatched in the industry, we're dedicated to helping SMB owners access enterprise-grade AI security at the fairest price point.

When should I expect my cameras?

Shipping to the US and Canada is quick and efficient, with all deliveries completed within 7 days.
We'll keep you updated with tracking details and regular updates. Rest assured, our team is here to help 24/7 at

Where do you store my video footage?

Our system ensures end-to-end encryption and secure storage on Amazon AWS cloud, making all data—whether in transit, on the device, or in the cloud—inaccessible to us. Our infrastructure is dedicated to preserving the integrity and privacy of your data. Each frame and every pixel is protected under the strictest security protocols provided by Amazon AWS, ensuring that your captured moments remain confidential and secure at all times.