Memory & Perception

Human Vision

Although our five senses as humans have their limits, our perception of images transcends mere vision. When we look at an image, we do not merely see with our eyes; we also perceive with our memories, bringing personal context and a deeper understanding to each glance. This rich, multi-layered perception has been largely overlooked by traditional computer vision technologies over the past decade, which have focused on uncontextualized visual data. Simply labeling data for AI does not inherently add value to our lives or enhance our understanding.

Data Training & privacy

Computer Vision

We leverage advanced 3D industrial digitalization techniques and sophisticated relational tagging within video metadata. Our approach has established a zero-trust model that ensures complete privacy—your videos remain entirely inaccessible.

But our breakthroughs don’t stop at privacy. We’ve crafted a nuanced, multi-layered AI & computer vision platform that intelligently contextualizes, analyzes, and interprets video data in a manner akin to human cognition.

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End-to-end Encryption

Our cloud-based video storage solution employs end-to-end encryption for data at rest, in transit, and within the network, utilizing the latest AES and TLS protocols. We adhere to the robust AWS security framework, leveraging server infrastructure strategically located in Ohio and the West region. According to Amazon Cloud, these locations significantly enhance the resiliency and
availability of our services, providing a highly secure cloud infrastructure for users in the defense, intelligence, and national security communities.

Our mission

We're on a mission to proactively safeguard human life. Through our cameras' lenses, we do more than just see the world—we understand it. This deep understanding empowers us to shift perceptions and reduce human suffering. At ArcadianAI, we're not merely envisioning safer futures; we are actively creating them.

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