90-Day Cloud Storage + AI Features - Monthly Subscription

90-Day Cloud Storage + AI Features - Monthly Subscription

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Adaptable to any camera, our comprehensive surveillance solution ensures you never miss a moment. Enjoy seamless live streaming and benefit from 90 days of cloud archiving—all included in one package. Our advanced Video Intelligence Suite tailors unique features to your specific business needs, enhancing your security setup:

  • AI Forensic Search: Employ intelligent, AI-driven capabilities to swiftly locate specific events and crucial data.
  • AI Heatmaps: Gain insights into high-traffic areas and movement patterns, allowing you to optimize space usage and enhance safety.
  • Peak Hours Analysis: Identify your busiest times to better allocate resources and improve operational efficiency.

Proactive Alerting for Enhanced Security:

  • AI Motion Detection: Receive instant alerts on unexpected movements to ensure rapid response to potential security threats.
  • AI Fence Crossing: Our system automatically detects and alerts you to any perimeter breaches, maintaining security around the clock.
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